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January 01 2014

December 31 2013

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"Indians and animals of North America"

wtf Germany get a grip

December 30 2013

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White Privilege: Now What & Other Such Fallacies



Examples of what white privilege deniers THINK it means to be told to “Check Your Privilege.”

  • Apologize for being white
  • Believe white is bad or wrong
  • Be ashamed of being white
  • Feel guilty for being white

Examples of what people ACTUALLY mean…

December 29 2013

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President Obama Appointed Gay Athlete Billy Jean to Represent America at the Sochi Olympics


the majority of guys I talk to about music don’t know shit about women musicians and will often say they don’t like them or act grossed out at the fact that I even brought them up even though they can’t name one song or recall what their music even sounds like or even explain what it is they don’t like about their music because it reveals their own sexism and lack of knowledge.

Why I don’t “debate”


Yesterday I mentioned that media has framed the current racist violence taking place in The Netherlands as a “debate”. I am repulsed by this framing and quite frankly, I am quite repulsed by Western conceptions of “debate”. Now, let me be clear, I love a good debate (or banter) as much as anyone…

December 28 2013


I really can’t deal with people who don’t care about racism or sexism or classism or trans* issues or anything else like that. how can you blindly accept those things as a part of life and contribute to them? I hate people who laugh at people who care about things and act like they’re not cool like being cool and not caring is more important than being compassionate

Being mean when you talk about racial oppression will get you no where!
— White people who never read a history book and don’t know what the civil rights movement is, that are saying this based on literally nothing, that don’t actually know or care about where we’re trying to get, and just want us to shut up and be nicer to them. (via fuckyeahcracker)
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this is so wonderful to see black women in the same field show love for each other

December 27 2013

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♡ at least i run faster than internet explorer ♡

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December 26 2013

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Margaret Cho for Miss Representation (x)

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sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]

also an addendum to the hunger games slide, when they put out a casting call for the role of Katniss, they specifically asked for only caucasian white actors to audition, which left out any possibility for any amazing PoC actors to have been discovered.

i hope this was informational and i didnt leave anything major out. if anything is wrong or needs to be updated, message me and i’l fix any fallacies!

[our fix]

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Seasonal greetings from your cat

Day after Christmas

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