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(Oh hey, I made a thing about a topic that’s important to me.)

PRIVILEGE is when you think that something is not a problem because it’s not a problem for you personally.”

I feel like nowadays many people who say/do racist things (not necessarily intentionally) will never willingly admit to their ignorance, even when faced with irrefutable logic and reasoning ("But I’m not hurting anyone, how is it wrong?!"). LEMME EDUCATE YOU. Chances are, if you are defending something that a PoC identifies as racist, IT IS RACIST AND YOU SHOULD STOP DOING IT. IDFC WHAT ETHNICITY/NATIONALITY YOU ARE; JUST STOP. IDFC IF IT DOESN’T FIT WHAT YOUR DEFINITION OF “RACIST” IS; JUST STOP. IDFC IF YOU THINK YOU’RE BEING “APPRECIATIVE” OF A CULTURE, IF IT’S NOT YOUR CULTURE, YOU DON’T HAVE ANY BUSINESS TELLING PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY ARE OF THAT CULTURE, HOW TO FEEL ABOUT IT. JUST. STOP. And don’t bring the “well my friend is PoC and isn’t offended” excuse — ONE PERSON DOES NOT SPEAK FOR AN ENTIRE RACE JFC

Racism isn’t ONLY displayed in acts of violence, believe it or not. This is what internalized racism looks like. And if you don’t find any of this offensive even in the slightest, well, it just goes to show how thoroughly ingrained it has become in our society to overlook acts of racism if they aren’t “horrific” enough. I suggest you stop relying on your white dictionary definition of what you think racism is, and open your eyes.

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